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How to plan the perfect getting-ready experience

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As a wedding planner, I have seen countless bridal getting-ready photo sessions and can tell you that each approach has its pros and cons. Here are my thoughts on the three different perspectives: the loud and fun approach with the entire bridal party, the intimate approach with family and siblings, and the solo approach.

Remember there's no right or wrong... here are some insights and tips to help you choose Are you ready!? Let's go!


Loud and Fun with the Entire Bridal Party:

This approach is perfect for brides who love to have a good time and want to capture the energy and excitement of the day. Having the entire bridal party present during the getting ready process can create a fun and lively atmosphere, with laughter, music, and champagne flowing freely. It also allows for some great photo opportunities, with everyone getting ready together and capturing the moments of excitement and anticipation before the ceremony.

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However, there are also some potential downsides to this approach. With so many people in one room, it can sometimes be challenging to keep everyone focused and on task. It can also be challenging to create an organized and efficient process with so many people involved. Additionally, if you are someone who prefers a more calm and peaceful atmosphere, this approach may not be for you.

Gary Rosado Photography

My recommendation for this approach is to make sure you have a separate designated space for hair and makeup and that everyone has assigned times for their services, bring them all in the room just for the photos. This way you stay zen, the room is organized and ready for pictures and there aren't interruptions to any service provider meaning the timeline goes as planned.


Intimate with Family and Siblings:

This approach is perfect for brides who want to create special memories with their family and siblings. It can be a beautiful way to capture the bond between you and your loved ones and create a sense of grounding before the ceremony.

Having your family and siblings present during the getting ready process can create a more intimate and emotional atmosphere, with plenty of hugs, tears, and heartfelt moments.

If this is your vibe -order breakfast to the room before anyone arrives, spend time together, and make sure to time in special photo opportunities with your family and siblings, such as a first look or a group photo.


Solo Approach:

This approach is perfect for brides who want to take a moment to relax and take it all in before the ceremony. It can be a beautiful way to connect with yourself and your emotions before the big moment and go over your vows. Having a solo approach can create a peaceful and calming atmosphere, with plenty of time to reflect and prepare mentally and emotionally.

I see no downsides to this option; if calmness is your thing -this is your best choice.

Our recommendation for this approach is to create a comfortable and relaxing space for yourself to get ready. This makes for great pictures and you can even add a boudoir session. This approach is possible when the wedding timeline is crystal clear, everyone knows what to do and when and it does not require you as a bride to be monitoring the days' tasks.


As always I will propose the best of both worlds, you know I got you

  • Have breakfast with the family or even your fiance, this is such a beautiful way to ground yourself and just have some normality because this will be an incredible but very fast-paced day.

  • No matter the wedding party size, make sure there's a separate room for them to get ready. Each bridesmaid comes with bags, shoes, dresses in hangers and so many things that it can get messy and crowded -you will not have those pictures in a pristine room photos you've been pinning for 2 years now!

  • In the getting ready room -have snacks and drinks for the girls and the makeup and hair team.

  • Let them know the moment when you need them in your room, usually, it's for robe pictures, then they leave and come back dresed for the first look of the bride.

This way, the room is organized, and we get all the feelings and of course -the photos.


Do what makes you happy!

Jose Ruiz Photography

With the right planning and preparation, you can create a beautiful and memorable getting-ready experience that captures the essence of your special day. Plan accordingly so no aspect of your day will interfere with the next, I guarantee it will be amazing.

If you need some help -I'm here for you!

I am Thais; a time saver, dream maker, and organizer of all things. I develop the overall aesthetic tying in all pertinent vendors to create one stunningly cohesive event.

I manage the planning, and logistics aspects as well as direct the curated team of creatives.

I make it happen and can’t get enough of it.


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