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Wedding Planning Tips during Covid-19

What do I do with my wedding?

I had been dreading this topic because it's in my nature to always see the glass half-full. But yes, this is a matter that has affected all of us. It’s no secret that, in terms of weddings, we are all concerned about the possibility of them being carried out as planned but, the greatest concern is the safety of everyone.

With the uncertainty I wish to shed some light upon your planning journey so there’s peace along the way.


1. Stay informed

Stay up to date on all your local restrictions and official regulations so you are able to make accurate and informed decisions, complying with government ordinances and ensuring everyone's safety. Don't let fear paralyze you into the thought of "when this all passes" because -you know what? -this may not pass and your life, happiness and relationship do not depend on circumstances you do not control -there are options!

Tip: At least in Puerto Rico, the majority of 2020 weddings have been moved (not cancelled) to 2021 and 2022; this means that venues and key suppliers will most likely be booked. This is why I encourage you to stay informed + analyze + move, do not be paralyzed with uncertainty. Get to it!


2. Please stay kind

Review cancellation policies and try to find a middle ground with your suppliers. Covid-19 has us all in the same sea, but under different circumstances. Value those you had carefully chosen to provide a service. Understand that they are doing their best to precisely comply with the contract. I believe with all my heart that there's so much power in kind words, negotiating and speaking to find a middle ground.

Tip: Have a the talk to set a "cutoff date" to make the decision to move your wedding date. It should be at least 2 months before the original date, this gives you the opportunity to manage a new date with suppliers and thus avoid losing deposits.


3. When is the ideal date?

The perfect date is the final wedding date. With mask or without it, with 200 guest or just you two on a beautiful beach in Puerto Rico. The purpose of the celebration is love and that has not been waived and will never be. Check our blogpost on how to choose an ideal date.

Tip: Have 3 alternate dates within a 12-month period after the original date to give suppliers options. Remember this in accordance with each contract and cancellation policy.


4. Inhale... exhale

Remember the reason of the celebration remains -love. Your happiness does not depend on exterior circumstances so breathe and have peace, there are things that we cannot control and these will not determine our happiness.


5. These times require additional measures

Run everything by your wedding planner, she will be able to guide you in the process. Events in these times require additional suppliers, services, legal waivers and precautions -as well as huge amounts of faith and resilience. Now more than ever the intervention of a wedding planner is necessary to precisely watch over your investment. This management occurs from the conversations with the suppliers in the pre-selection, to the meticulous review of the contracts.


So then; what can I do, Thais?

Well then; if the wedding were today (in Puerto Rico), the only alternative is an elopement. An elopement wedding is one where only the couple to be married, officiant or minister and 2 witnesses are present. There's no party, it is just the ceremony. You might consider instrumental music and professionals documenting the union - this carefully measuring distance and following protocols.

If you have made the informed desision of postponing, you have peace, you have recognized that the official date is the best date, then consider adjusting the format of your wedding as an option.

Here some ideas:

  • Elopement - only legal option in Puerto Rico as of this date.

  • Have the ceremony on the original date, postpone the reception for later. This gives you the opportunity to wear the dress twice even if it doubles expenses (personal flowers, bride's hair and makeup, among others)

  • Add a "streaming" service, thus including guests who physically cannot attend

  • Make the mask part of the process, from the invitation to the reception. I have so many ideas!


As a closing statement I hope to grant you peace; I wish that you can recognize that the ideal date is when the wedding finally takes place, that you focus on the love that is the reason for the celebration, it remains and is not determined by the circumstances that we do not control.

Covid-19 will not take control of your happiness.

"Continuing to plan life allows us to see the future with hope and helps us regain control of our future. We no longer depend on circumstances, we simply modify, adjust and live." -Thais

Stay calm and have peace; if you need a little or a lot - I can help you.

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