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Guide to sellect your ideal wedding date

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

How to choose the perfect date?

When planning an event there are many things that are taken into consideration so let's get into one of the starting points: the date. Without a doubt, and right there with the budget, one of the most complex decisions is to select the date. We evaluate many factors to make the best selection, you as a couple determine which of them is more important or relevant to you. Here are 6 key elements to consider when choosing such an important date ... Let's do this!


1. Weather, for where the wedding will take place and the honeymoon

For example; you might dream of an hacienda wedding in Puerto Rico and honeymoon in Paris. Perhaps March is the ideal month in Puerto Rico due to beautiful spring weather but consider that Paris will be cold, equally beautiful but cold.

Note: In this precious Caribbean gem we have hurricane season from June 1 to November 30. Places tend to be cheaper but other services go up in price due to the complexity of the season.


2. Venue or preferred supplier availability

This might be you: "I am getting married on the beach and the planner has to be Thais!" Well then, maybe I can't on July 15th but I'm available on the 21st. We overflow with love when these things happen - and yes, they do happen!

If your heart was 100% set with a particular venue, a photographer or any other supplier - it is completely valid that you move your date to adjust to what you've dreamed of.


3. Budget

You can't imagine the difference it makes to change the wedding from Saturday to Sunday, or even a Friday. Even more if you consider March instead of December which is Puerto Rico's peak season. It is abysmal! So if you are dreaming with a venue that seems unattainable - please consider these adjustments on the date and your favorites will fit into the budget.


4. Significant date

Perhaps the most romantic way to see the selection of the date is when it falls with your first date, anniversary, first kiss, first "I love you". It's super cute when important dates can be incorporated into souvenirs such as these sugar cookies, this was the case for Lorena and Robert who's were 9 year aniversarry was also their wedding day.


5. Holidays and Off work days  

This matter is very important for the couple, your families and guests. If you have family and guests traveling for the event, consider a holiday weekend, this guarantees that there will be days-off during the wedding period.

Note: This may increase the cost of the event and travel expenses, but it makes possible the presence of all the special people for you. The important thing again is to assess what weighs the most for you.

Kyandra and Cody had their destination wedding close to Thanksgiving Holiday, they longed for a very puerto rican celebration adding local food such as pasteles and roasted pig! It was divine.


6. Color scheme or a particular flower

"Must have peonies", if so, please consider April-June. Although crops are sometimes forced out of their natural season, the reality is that the best quality is seen from April to June. Also, ordering flowers out of season raises the price - keep that in mind!

Other examples might be: Earth tones, I would suggest an autumn wedding. Red is ideal from December to February ... pastel colors in spring. It does not mean that we can add the favorite color to any season but they fit better according to the seasons of the year.


Additional point: wedding attire

For the "fashionistas" who priority is style -use the attire availability to make the decision.

Whether you wish to buy or design, both the bride and groom's attire require delivery time. Design is a work of art that you wear, this takes time and creativity cannot be rushed.

Average timelines:

- Designer for Her: 8 months to 1 year

- Bridal boutique: 4-6 months

- Designer for Him: 3-6 months

So... How do we choose?

Well, here are some simple steps to go from macro to micro to help you reach that ideal date:

1. Choose the year ... This is easy! Baby steps…

2. Season: spring, summer, autumn, winter

3. Month

4. Day; have at least 3 dates within the ideal period

You see? Everything has a solution and absolutely everything related to wedding planning is strategic and highly thought-out.

Undecided about the date? Leave a comment and I will help you!

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